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1935 Schwinn Motobike B10E

 This is one of five bikes that I bought at a Reno, Nevada estate sale.  This was the first bike to be sold in the U.S. with balloon tires. This model was introduced in 1933.  Frank Schwiin had just moved from the Excelsior Henderson Motorcycle Division of Schwinn in the early 1930’s. He decided to focus on bike design, production and sales. His unique concept was to make bikes look like motorcycles and he introduced balloon tires to improve the ride and make repairing flats much easier. The B10E stood for balloon tires, No.10 frame and fully equipped. The tool box tank was a faux gas tank to make the bike look like a lightweight motorcycle. The Klaxon horn, rear carrier, tea cup head light and Delta battery can were all accessories to make the bike more motorcycle like. This is a real milestone bike that became the first “beach cruiser”.