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1936 Iver Johnson Super Mobike


This is one of the five bikes that I bought at an estate sale in Reno , Nevada. This was one of the most expensive bikes ever produced by Iver Johnson. In 1936, this bike cost about $50 – a great deal of money in the Great Depression. This bike had many unique features – an octagonal tank that housed a No. 6 dry cell battery to power the Delta Horn-lite, a rear view mirror, a C-5 “cheese grater” rear carrier, a built in Guardian ruby red reflector, a Defender battery operated tail light, “hockey stick” chain guard and chrome “rain gutter” fenders. Very few of these bikes were made and very few have survived – making it very rare and collectible.  In my opinion, this is one of the best examples of art deco design of this era.


Iver Johnson started as a firearms company in 1871, and added bikes in 1890 and motorcycles in 1907. They made excellent bicycles and motorcycles and average quality firearms. Bicycle production stopped in 1941 to aid the war effort but it never resumed after the war was over.