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1962 Vespa VBB
This was my first project after I attended the McPherson Automotive Restoration Summer Institute. Like your first love, you never forget your first project. I wanted something small and in fairly good condition so I could get it done in a reasonable period of time. I found this scooter stored in a barn in Scott’s Valley, California in June of 2010. I paid way too much for this scooter because I had no idea how much it would cost to recondition it – a costly lesson. The Vespa was in fairly decent original condition but it did have some serious mechanical and cosmetic problems which I underestimated. I changed all the rubber parts, did some engine work, replaced the seat covers, straightened the bent panels with paintless dent removal techniques, detailed all the paint and polished the chrome and aluminum trim on a buffing machine. I tried to keep it as original as possible since vintage scooter buyers (unlike vintage car buyers) seem to want a scooter with patina rather than a perfect paint job. Eventually, this scooter did find a good home. I sold it on eBay to a pilot who collects and restores vintage Vespa scooters. Mission accomplished for my first project.