Gary's Restorations

Preserving our transportation history, one piece at a time.

1963 Vespa GL
I found this scooter through a Craigslist ad. It was stored in a garage in San Francisco, California and I bought it in August, 2010 after some haggling with the owner. I learned my lesson from the first scooter. It had been in storage for at least 15 years. This scooter was originally purchased in Amsterdam by an American journalist who toured Europe on this scooter. It was original but had some missing parts, damaged body panels and surface rust. What was really cool about this scooter was that few GL’s were sold in the U.S, making it very rare. It also still had all the original country and ferry stickers from its European travels. It kind of reminded me of the rear window of a 1950’s station wagon. When the journalist returned to the U.S., he had it shipped to San Francisco and rode it for some years. Then it sat in a garage for many years. I did extensive mechanical and reconditioning work on this scooter but tried to leave it as original as possible. As luck would have it, we found a perfect owner for it, an IT Manager in Northern California. He had always wanted a scooter like this when he was growing up in London. Sometimes adolescent fantasies do come true – just 35 years later.