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1979 Vespa P200e
Sometimes things just fall into place for a project. In April 2012, I found a 1979 Vespa P200e in Sacramento and a few weeks later found a NOS Cozy Rocket sidecar from the same era in San Francisco. Then one week later found a same era Vespa helmet at a garage sale near my home. It is obvious that these items were meant to be one project. However, I did not realize how challenging this project would be. I did all the prep work on the scooter, sidecar and helmet. The mechanical and electrical work on the engine I had done by a local scooter shop. To ensure that it had a high quality finish, I had a local automotive painter do the final paint in a spray booth. Then I replaced all the trim items to make everything look new. Mounting the sidecar was much harder than I imagined and I was forced to bring it to a specialty vintage scooter shop in Sonoma, CA that has mounted 30 sidecars. The final project exceeded my expectations in terms of the final appearance. When going down the street with this rig, it really generates lots of smiles and is a real attention getter in any parking lot. I plan to show this rig in August and Sept of 2012 and then place it up for sale. Inquires about this rig should be sent to me through my website.