About Me

My interest in cars, scooters and bicycles started as a young boy in the 1950s. I worked in my father’s upholstery business for 10 years and learned many facets of automotive restoration. Although my professional career was completely unrelated to automotive restoration, I maintained an avid interest in the hobby. After retiring in early 2010, I decided to restore vintage scooters and bicycles as a hobby.

To better train myself on modern restoration techniques, I attended the McPherson College Auto Restoration Summer Institute in Kansas in June of 2010. I find vintage scooters and bicycles in original condition and address the mechanical and cosmetic issues associated with 40-70 years of storage.

I do extensive research to ensure that all replacement parts are correct. I use only NOS, used or quality reproduction parts. I give the buyer as much documentation on ownership and condition as possible, so they know what they are buying.

Whenever possible, I try leave the project in original condition. I prefer to recondition rather than restore the project. My motto is - “You can restore something ten times, but it is original only once”.